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Enrichment College

Enrichment College 2014-15
11 Mar 2015


Enrichment College 2014-15

11 Mar 2015

Enrichment College is organised in Phases for children in Years 2 - 6. We aim to ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced thereby providing children with a rich school experience.

The College offers children the opportunity to experience a diverse range of activities and o
nce children have been enrolled in the College they have individual passports which are used to record the activities they have attended from their enrolment in Year 2 until they leave Keys Meadow in Year 6.

Every half term the children take part in a different activity and on completion of the course they are graded by course leaders (from a Pass to a Distinction) with written feedback before moving onto the next half term’s activity.

Enrichment is a very vibrant and exciting time for both course leaders and children at Keys Meadow. 

The following courses are available this year:

Flight Phase: 

  • Drama
  • Survival Skills
  • Guitars
  • Choir
  • Chess
  • Needlework
  • Cooking
  • Team Building

Soar Phase:

  • French
  • Leadership Skills in Sport
  • Drawing Skills
  • Cake Project
  • Book Circle
  • Maths Challenge
  • Reading Challenge
  • Boys Writing
  • Dance
  • ICT Project Work
  • Writing Group
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